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Fresh Start

Let us help you get a Fresh Start Today!

Our Program.

 Are you looking for a nicer, newer car? Let us help! At Reineke Ford, Inc., we have a fresh start program to help those with credit problems, get into a new or used vehicle! Our team will make this as easy as possible, no matter what your situation may be. We specialize in working with lenders to find the right vehicle for your budget! We can even help first time buyers! You deserve a fresh start, so let me sell your story, not your score.

Let's re-establish your auto credit profile!

Most other dealerships only wish they had an experienced management staff like ours. With thousands of approved auto loans in our history, we know that we are the best source for your fresh start.  Because of our volume credit portfolio we can offer finance terms and rates that those other places cannot.


3 Easy Steps to get Started!


Fill out our online form


We will contact you!


Schedule a remote or in-dealer Test drive.

Give us a call for YOUR fresh start!

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